Model Kit

Micro Museum Series

A001 1/48 Fokker Dr.1
A002 1/72 Spirit of St. Louis
A003 1/72 The Flyer
A004 1/48 Gee Bee Racer (discontinued)
A005 1/48 Otto Lilienthal Normal Glider 1894
A006 1/48 Ninomiya Tamamushi Beetle
A007 1/48 Primary Glider

Micro Wing Series

B001 Wright 1903 Flyer
B002 Spirit of St. Louis
B003 Bleriot XI
B004 Santos Dumont 14bis
B005 Fokker Dr.1
B006 Airco DH21
B007 Etrich Taube
B008 The Crow(brass)
B009 Antoinette
B010 Wright Baby Racer
B012 The Crow(black)


Micro Wing Series – nickel

B101 Wright 1903 Flyer -nickel
B102 Spirit of St. Louis-nickel
B103 Gee Bee racer R-2
B104 Junkers D-1
B105 Fokker Dr.1-nickel
B106 Gee Bee & BENDIX pylon
B107 Antoinette-nickel
B108 Type 40


Graf Zeppelin LZ127

C001 1/1000 Graf Zeppelin LZ127

La Tour Eiffel

E001 1/1000 The Tower
S001 1/500 La Tour Eiffel


Robber powered airplane

F001 Robber powered airplane

Human powered airplane

H001 The Mojave 76
H002 The Condor 77
H003 The Albatross 79
H004 The Daedalus 88
H005 Gokuraku Tombo


Classic Bycycle Series

K001 Draisienne 1817
K002 Wooden Michaux 1864 (discontinued)
K003 The Ordinary 1883 (discontinued)
K004 The Leonardo bicycle
K005 Célérifèr 1791 (discontinued)
K006 The Macmillan 1839 (discontinued)


Lilienthal Glidar

L001 Model Seagull 1889
L002 Derwitzer Glider 1891
L003 Südende Glider 1892
L004 Wing-flapping 1893
L005 Normal Glider 1894
L006 Storm wing 1894
L007 Device for Experiments 1895
L008 Big Biplane 1895


Bicycle Set – N gauge

T001 Bicycle Set – N gauge