Gee Bee Pre-order closed

Pre-order closed.
The first production of 1/48 Delmar Benjamin’s Gee Bee has been reserved.
The second production will be made early July.
Thanks !


Pre-order 1/48 Gee Bee

Pre-order 1/48 Gee Bee started:

Only 90 pcs. of 1/48 Gee Bee will be released for the first production.

I recommend that the customers would like to obtain this model make pre-order.

The price of the 1/48 Gee Bee is 15000 JPY and shipping fee costs 1000 JPY(via EMS, the fastest way with insurance)

When ordering 2 pcs. of the 1/48 Gee Bee, the shipping cost is free.

Send your informations to

I need:

Your address and phone number,

Number of the Gee Bee model you need,

Payment through Paypal is OK  or not ?

Any other models you need ?

Here is the images of the Gee Bee.

Basic appearance

Cover(clear transparent plastic) and markings included.

The box

Easy to cut off the parts with modeling knife.

Basic and Detailed(detailing parts included in kit)

One piece frame part with seat, pedals..etc.

When not using the plastic cover, the brass windshield frame can be added.

1/48th scale

Lathed alminum cylinders and crankcase, etc.

Counterweight of the controllable-pitch propeller

Hamilton 2D30 propeller

Mac Transtrum is making the new Gee Bee and planning to fly in a few year.

He gave me a lot of advice to design this model.

Delmar Benjamin is the pilot and owner of the Gee Bee R2 replica 1991.

He is without doubt one of the greatest pilot in history.

Steve Wolf helped Delmar to build the Gee Bee in 1991.

His book is very useful to design the model.

Detailed instrument panel

White metal cylinder head

Rudder detail


Shizuoka Hobby Show

Shizuoka Hobby Show will be held May 10th to 13th

at Twin Messe Shizuoka.

Aerobase is in the North of Twin Messe (C-18)

in front of TAMIYA.


New model


Wakefield Plane

This is a model of the model airplane that flew Wakefield International Cup around 1930.

The propeller can rotate. The fuselage has a hole for hanging thread at the balancing point.

Enjoy building and make a mobile !

F002 Wakefield-more details(PDF)

“Flying Model Collectibles and accessories”
(Schiffer Publishing Ltd., PA, U.S.A.)
Copyright James C. Johnson, used with permission