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[C004] 1/1000th scale Zeppelin LZ1 with wooden hanger
Kit Price: 10000 JPY
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[C004C] Display case for Zeppelin LZ1
Case: 5000 JPY
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[C004A] Assembled by the designer In display case
Assembled Model: 40000 JPY
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B109 1/144th scale Caudron Simoun 1935

Kit Price: 3000 JPY
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Assembled by the designer: 1/144th scale Caudron Simoun

Assembled Model: 6000 JPY (in a small paper box, display case NOT included)


Assembled Model: 12000 JPY (in clear transparent plastic display case)



Shinichi Iwami

Etrich Taube

Tom Grigat’s Video


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Hindenburg LZ129